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Our Services

The focus of our mental health care services is on rehabilitation and empowerment. Service users are encouraged to acquire and develop day-to-day living skills. We work with our service users to develop skills and confidence needed to live independently in the community. Therefore our services include support with;

  • shopping, budgeting and preparing meals.
  • personal care and hygiene.
  • encouragement for education and employment.
  • access main stream activities and hobbies as their interests. Swimming and gym access via local leisure centers.
  • a range of indoor and out door activities, social events outings with indoor keep fit classes and meditation group activities.
  • service users to be involved in daily functioning of the home.
  • interpersonal skills, communication skills and shared living.
  • individually catered bedrooms with service users having the choice of getting involved with the decoration of their bedrooms.
  • Many en-suite facilities and special adaptations for service users with physical needs.
  • Wheel chair access in homes and gardens.
  • Liaise with family, friends or any other people who are important in the service user’s life and support the person to have and continue with this meaningful contact.
  • service users to engage with their consultant psychiatrist, GP, Care manager and other multidisciplinary teams who are involved with the service user’s care. Staff will liaise with these teams if there any concerns of mental health deterioration or any other medical needs.
  • service users to attend appointments such as dentist, optician, chiropody, regular blood tests and other relevant appointments as part of preventative treatment.
  • service users to take responsibility in taking their prescribed medication and support the person to make their decision with medical professionals when required.
The organisation has an excellent reputation among the professionals for providing high quality care for individuals with highly complex or challenging needs. Some of the service users have experience several placement breakdowns before coming to Roland and been able to settle and develop skills as their needs and choices.

Staff will also support service users to uphold equal opportunities, rights, customs and diversity of their choice and others.

Every service user has a named key worker who will support the service user with their personal needs and decisions. The role of the key worker is also to enable the views and choices of the service user to be informed to multidisciplinary teams. This ensures the service user is involved in making decisions about their care, treatment and support.

The service user, with the support of their key worker, will invite all parties involved in their care for a yearly care plan meeting. A care plan will be written taking into consideration the service user’s views, choices and wishes. The home will support the service user to meet the agreed care plan goals during that year. There will be internal reviews with the service user, key worker and the manager at least once every 3 months to monitor that the service user is working towards their agreed care plan goals.

Service users are at the heart of everything we do. They influence and shape the support they receive from Roland and they way the organisation is run therefore service user monthly meetings are held where all service users’ staff and manager attend and discuss. These meetings are documented and any issues, which need to be attended, will be met before the next meeting.

Some of the dual diagnose service users who have problems with alcohol/ drugs are supported and encourage to engage and receive treatment from the Community Drug and Alcohol services.

The home will also support and attend police, courts and probation services when required with the service users and provide advice, guidance and support. The manager and the key worker will liaise with such organisations as part of the care required for the service user.

The home has an annually planned holiday to a tourist destination in the UK. The holiday destination will be decided after consulting all the service users in the entire organisation. There are small group holidays to Europe.